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Friday, January 4, 2013

Santa Hat #2 cloth

Santa Hat #2 by Roxee

Cast on 38st.  Work 6 rows Border.

1.    B4, K30, B4
2.    B4, P30, B4
3-6.  Rep rows 1 & 2
7.    B4, K30, B4
8.    B4, P1, K28, P1, B4
9,    B4, K1, P28, K1, B4
10.  B4, P1, K28, P1, B4
11 & 12.  Rep rows 9 & 10
13.  B4, K3, P24, K3, B4
14.  B4, P3, K24, P3, B4
15.  B4, K4, P22, K4, B4
16.  B4, P4, K22, P4, B4
17.  B4, K5, P20, K5, B4
18.  B4, P5, K20, P5, B4
19.  B4, K6, P18, K6, B4
20.  B4, P6, K18, P6, B4
21.  B4, K7, P16, K7, B4
22.  B4, P7, K16, P7, B4
23.  B4, K8, P14, K8, B4
24.  B4, P8, K14, P8, B4
25.  B4, K9, P12, K9, B4
26.  B4, P9, K12, P9, B4
27.  B4, K10, P10, K10, B4
28.  B4, P10, K10, P10, B4
29.  B4, K11, P8, K11, B4
30.  B4, P11, K8, P11, B4
31.  B4, K12, P6, K12, B4
32.  B4, P12, K6, P12, B4
33.  B4, K12, P5, K13, B4
34.  B4, P13, K5, P12, B4
35.  B4, K8, P8, K14, B4
36.  B4, P14, K8, P8, B4
37.  B4, K8, P2, K20, B4
38.  B4, P19, K4, P7, B4
39.  B4, K7, P4, K19, B4
40.  B4, P19, K4, P7, B4
41.  B4, K7, P4, K19, B4
42.  B4, P20, K2, P8, B4
43.  B4, K30, B4
44.  B4, P30, B4
45-48.  Rep rows 43 & 44

Work 6 rows Border.  Cast off.

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